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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Cakeinabox.co.uk F.A.Q

We strive to offer you the best service possible. This page is here to help you get the most from our site and also to help you resolve any queries you may have. Further related information can be found on our Help page.

Can I design my own cake?
What types of Wedding Cakes can you make?
How much does a Wedding Cake cost?
What are my Options for number of Tiers?
Do I need to stick with the Traditional Rich Fruit Cake?
Can I mix & match what types of Cake I can choose?
I don't like nuts in my Rich Fruit Cake?
Can I have an entire Chocolate Wedding Cake?
I like the flowers from one cake but the icing work from another?
I like the flowers from one cake but I need them in a different colour?
Sugar, Silk or Fresh Flowers?
I am using a specific tartan as part of my theme?
I would like designer model figures on the top of my cake?
I have chosen a particular theme for my stationary?
How far in advance should I order my cake?
Can I have my cake delivered?
Giving Credit Card details - is it safe?
What is - Colour of Trim?
What happens if I press the wrong button when ordering?
What if I want something that is not in your catalogue?
What if I change my mind after I have ordered?
Speaking to someone in person?

Designing Your Own Cake

Yes. We realise that every wedding is different and that every customer's desires are unique. That is why at Cake in a Box, we cater for your individual needs by offering complete flexibility when trying to decide on a design. We take into consideration every detail from theme colours and flowers to stationary so that your cake will be tailor made to reflect and compliment you and your day.

You may have it decorated with flowers and petals, you can have sugar paste, traditional royal icing or a covering of chocolate, you can have figures handmade to look like you or bring your own for us to incorporate for you - the choices are endless. And we will focus on the smaller details such as edging the boards with coloured or tartan ribbon that matches your wedding theme.


Simple & Modern Wedding Cakes

This style refers to the more modern and even minimal touches and is definitely a stylish and less traditional option. Flowers are generally the likes of gerberas, lilies and orchids and focus on a more minimal arrangement of the sprays. Colours are often strong, radiant and bold such as shocking pink or orange. Of course, equally contemporary is plain and white. The shape of the cake varies also from stacked parcels and cone shapes as well as the more common round and square.


This is a more traditional style and focuses on a beautiful and timeless look. Pillars and stands are often a talking point here as they can be made from metal and glass amoungst other things. Flowers can be of any variety in either fresh or handmade sugar on wire but we find that roses and lillies are the most popular.

Unusual & Alternative

This is where the fun begins and usually stems from couples experiences and hobbies. Novelty cartoon characters and figures such as teddy bears and mice quite often make perfect top figures and we even make direct imitations matching hair and features of the happy couple. Another popular choice is handmade sugar icing replicas of the building you are being married in. People also choose to have their cake made to tie in with their novelty stationary. And with a Top Table design you can be sure it will be a talking point for everyone who appears in it.

Scottish & Tartan Icing

Any cake incorporating tartan and thistles can be regarded as Scottish style and it is nicely complimented with Celtic knot work icing designs and tartan swags. Options for flowers are fresh or handmade sugar thistles and heather but you don't need to go for them to achieve the look. Most varieties of flowers including roses and lilies work equally well.


Wedding Cake Cost

All wedding cakes are individually designed to suit the customer, which means it is impossible for us ]to set standard prices. However, if you find yourself restricted to a budget, we are completely flexible and are confident we can arrange a design tailored to your needs. Take a look at the wedding cake Gallery for a better idea of what we have to offer.


Number of Tier Options

All cake designs that you will view in our Gallery are just examples of what others have chosen in the past to suit their own unique requirements. We realise that the number of guests varies for every wedding so if you want the look of three tier but not sure it will be enough, we simply make the cakes in a bigger size.


Fruit Cake Option

Although many claim to dislike the taste of Rich Fruit Cake, there is still a great demand for fruit wedding cakes. As alternatives, we offer a delicious variety of alternative cakes including Victioria sponge, to Chocolate and Carrot cake.


Mix & Match

Yes. In a three tier cake you could have the bottom tier Rich Fruit, the middle a Carrot Cake and the top a light Victoria Sponge. We will advise you on what types of cake to use for each layer depending upon their weight etc.


No Nuts

Yes. Just tell us if you want anything changed when it comes to the recipe and we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

PLEASE NOTE - We do not guarantee that recipes do not contain nuts, as we cannot guarantee that all our supplier's products do not contain nuts.


Chocolate Cake

Yes. We specialise in designing and making delicious Chocolate cakes. The recipe is our own delicious mix and can be decorated with chocolate curls or flakes. You can still incorporate colours in decoration with ribbon and flowers from your wedding. Take a look at our Wedding Gallery for pictures of our chocolate cakes.


Mixing Designs

Yes. Every cake is designed individually for you and is completely unique to your choice of colours, flowers and shape etc. If you have your own idea then please let us know about it. We encourage you to input as much as you can to ensure your cake is completely personal to you.


Changing Colours

All our cakes are designed for the individual so any type of flowers can be any colour and you also have the choice of sugar flowers, fresh flowers and silk flowers. Always remember it's your day, your cake and your choice.


Sugar, Silk or Fresh Flowers

Whatever you prefer. It's up to you. We are more than happy to hand make flowers from sugar in the correct variety and colour of flower to match your wedding theme. Alternatively, you can arrange with us to have fresh flowers on your cake that will, again, remain consistent with your theme. Silk flowers are also an option and are quite often the least expensive way to go.


Specific Tartan Theme

We like to consider even the finest details of the design, from matching the icing with your colours to trimming the boards with ribbon. We can incorporate the tartan on the ribbon used to lace the boards or use it as frilling with icing or as a decorative touch within a spray of flowers. We, of course, are the proud designers of the Tartan Cloth Effect Icing whereby we create from icing a swatch of tartan to match your own and use is to drape down the cake.


I would like designer model figures on the top of my cake?

Hand Made Models/Figures

Yes! We specialise in creating sugar model figures as brides and grooms for the tops of wedding cakes. We even take a look at photographs of the bride and groom and match up features such as eyes, hair and clothing. We also enjoy the novelty side of design and have, in the past, created figures of many well known cartoon characters.


Incorporating Stationary

Yes. Quite often we have people wishing to incorporate design elements from their invitations like Celtic knot work, cartoon characters and styles such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It's your day and we want to create a wedding cake that blends perfectly with whatever theme you have chosen.


When to Order Your Wedding Cake

Although we try our best to accommodate every customer, we do ask that you place your order as early as possible to assure all aspects of your cake design. A minimum of 4 weeks noticed is required for Wedding Cake orders.


Cake Delivery

Yes, we offer a UK nationwide delivery service for all our products. The cost of delivery varies and is dependent on the style of cake/product ordered. Delivery costs are provided during the checkout process. We use specialised national courier services for areas that are considered remote. If you have any queries we advise customers to ask about this when you are ordering.


Credit/Debit Card Payment

Paying for produce online is, statistically safer than using your credit card in the high street, or even carrying cash in your purse. We use bank-approved security processing for all orders.


Colour of Trim

Colour of trim refers mostly to the traditional cakes, which have a ribbon around and coloured decoration on them.


Mistake When Ordering

The process of selecting a cake is so simple. Once you have placed an order, a real person automatically deals with it. It will not be possible for your order to get lost. We personally check each order and will respond immediately if the order does not make sense. For instance if you ordered a 'Fairy Castle Cake' with the inscription 'Happy Birthday John' we would contact you to make sure it was definitely what John was hoping for. You will always receive an email detailing and confirming your order.


Something Not in Our Catalogue

We always rise to a challenge. Making individual cakes is what we are best at. Send us your ideas by email along with how many guests you need to feed and we will reply with a price and design. Alternatively call us on 0141 647 5844 and have a chat with one of our team.


Changing Orders

Quite simply call us on 0141 647 5844 and we will deal with your alteration immediately. Our lines are open Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00 & Sat 10:00-17:00


Speaking/Meeting A member of Staff

We really enjoy meeting our customers, but ordering on our website is designed to systematically carry you through all of the details necessary to make a perfect cake. You will see more pictures and get as much information from our website as you would from a member of our sales team. The whole process can be done efficiently from the comfort of your own home. If you feel though that you would rather cone along and see us in person, please feel free to do so anytime. Our warm and friendly staff will be only to happy to meet with you.

If you have any more questions please Contact us.


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